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Compact and efficient fast food trailer, perfect for entrepreneurs looking for a practical and functional solution to sell their mobile delicacies.


Pancha with 2, 3 and 4 burnersManual control for absolute culinary mastery.
Kitchen GrillTwo burners for precise and uniform heat.
Grills with 2, 4 and 6 burnersVersatility when creating combinations.
5 liter gas fryerElevate your creations to new levels of flavor and texture.
High Performance RefrigeratorKeep your ingredients fresh and ready to shine.
Refrigerated Tables Salad PreparationDiversify your salads with this powerful salad bowl
LaundryKeep the environment fresh and clean while cooking.
Work tableLarge table so you can make all your culinary recipes
Air-conditioningPowerful Air Conditioning so you are always comfortable while you work
Fresh water holding tank1000 liter tank of clean water suitable for consumption
Waste water holding tank700 Liters to store wastewater
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Inside Part

Food grade stainless steel.

External part

Composite aluminum walls.
Between the outer and inner material, 2 inch thermal insulation plate


Metal structure reinforced with 14 gauge steel Reinforced chassis with double axle Electric brakes on the front axle


Completely custom-made, we will make it for you with the design that best suits your business.


Join us and take thepath to success inthe fast food industry

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